A little bit about me…(not everything)

This has all been brewing for decades. I don’t know what took me so long to do it, but here it is, and I am really excited to finally share the things I do, love and think about.

I know I’m supposed to say all sorts of things about myself here, but I think if you look around here you will get to know me better. But what I will say is that I  have had several decades of experience in living. In those decades I have seen the variety of the gifts that living has to offer. Our world has lots of crazy and downright horrible things going on in it every day.  I feel that seeing and finding what is awesome, and doing what I love and feel good about gives me more positive things to offer. Starting with this gives me a better direction to approach the parts of living that may not be so awesome…or at least try.

So here is a bit of what I love…

I adore my husband, kids and family. I love nature in all it’s forms, I’m enthralled with herbs and herbal healing, addicted to gardening, recycling, cats, cooking (and eating), sewing, crocheting, music of so many kinds, piano, my little blue ukulele, painting (canvas, wood, houses), bead-work.  I really love the Pacific-Northwest and my home near Portland Oregon. I feel like there is so much more to learn and love.

So stick around and see what will be next. Hopefully I can share some things I have learned that you want to learn too. Or maybe you will just find some things you like and enjoy here.

There is so much to find and share!



Oh…. I also love a llama.

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